We’ve created a monster on our shores, bays, rivers and lakes.

Improper application of fertilizers such as using more than recommended amounts or applying the wrong formulas at certain times of the year, has come back to bite us. When combined with rains and run-off, these nutrients are redirected from our lawns and gardens and feed harmful aquatic algae that threatens our quality of life and our economy. We all need to do our part and ask you to do yours by using the resources provided here. Please don’t feed the monster! Fertilize Smart!

Don’t spill fertilizer!

If you do have an accident, sweep the granules up. Rinsing fertilizer off with a hose could send it down the storm drain.

Don’t fertilize water bodies!

When throwing fertilizer onto water bodies or impervious surfaces, such as driveways or sidewalks, particles on hard surfaces can wind up in unintended places.

Don’t fertilize if heavy rain is forecast!

This increases the potential for fertilizers to run off into storm drains or to leach through soil with the rainwater.


Don't Feed the Monster!

Fertilizer Ordinances

Bonita Springs Ordinance
Cape Coral Ordinance
Charlotte County Ordinance 1
Charlotte County Ordinance 1
Fort Myers Beach Ordinance
Lee County Ordinance
Sanibel Ordinance

How Runoff Affects Water Quality

Fertilize Smart Education Consortium


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Help us keep our waterways beautiful and our economy strong – please don’t over-fertilize!

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Read this article from The Island Sun on the how we are working to encourage the responsible use of fertilizer. Find more information at www.fertilizesmart.com
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